About Us

We’re here to help your business…

At Sherman & Co, we look at a lease a lot like you do. As a tool to help you acquire the equipment you need now. So your business can become more productive and more competitive. So you can expand and grow at an affordable cost that doesn’t deplete your credit reserves.

A relationship, not just a one-time transaction
As a company and as individuals, we believe in leasing as a smart business strategy for any size company. And we put that conviction into practice, financing just about any kind of equipment, in just about any industry. But it doesn’t stop with the signing of the lease and the delivery of the equipment.

We know that a monthly payment that matches your financial needs with affordable rates and no down payment, and flexible end-of-lease options, will translate into the ongoing relationship we seek with every customer.

And applying couldn’t be easier. You apply online, get a credit decision in minutes online, and complete the whole process online. Or, if you prefer, just call us at 1-440-781-3189 . You’ll be connected to an intelligent, informed individual who’ll be glad to walk you through the entire process, start to finish.